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What is Moshi Twilight?

This miraculous audio-only app helps kids fall asleep independently using enchanting storytelling, magical music and soothing sounds.

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories Five Stars

"WOW…used this app every night and my kids are both asleep in 10 minutes"

Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories 7 Day Free Trial

 Enchanting original content

Every Moshi Twilight Sleep Story is completely original, with something new added every week. All of our stories, songs and instrumentals have been created from scratch by our multi-award-winning writers. Our latest Sleep Story, Goldie the Mindful Moshling, is narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn.


Sleep Stories

Wondrous tales to help little listeners drift off.


Unique, enchanting sleep music to help kids relax, wind down and sleep.


Created to help ease worries away and teach little ones the basics of mindfulness.


Tranquil lullabies and sounds to help soothe the mind.




Why try Moshi Twilight?

The Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories app is packed with over 30 hours of completely original sleepy content, with something new added every week. Families can choose from a growing library of over 100 different Sleep Stories, Music Tracks, Sounds and Kids’ Meditations, to help settle little listeners.

Audio only

No need for screens or blue light at bedtime, Moshi Twilight is an audio-only app.

Blissful bedtimes

Perfect for that ‘lights out’ moment when kids need reassurance and something positive to focus on.

Huge library

Something new is added every week, from Sleep Stories and Sounds to Meditations and Music.

Goldie Hawn
narrates a new story

Join Academy Award-winning Goldie Hawn on this exclusive sleepy journey as she discovers how mindfulness and sweet dreams go together, hand in hand.

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Loved by parents

Kids (and their parents!) love us. Over 97% of parents who use the Moshi Twilight app would recommend it to friends or family. With over 15,000 5-star ratings and reviews across the app stores, millions of families are already enjoying more peaceful bedtimes with Moshi Twilight.


Endorsed by experts

"At the end of the bedtime routine parents have to leave the room and allow kids to learn to fall asleep alone, which is why an audio app like Moshi Twilight app can help bridge the gap. It gives the child something pleasant to focus on, carrying them away into a fantasy story world, allowing their body's natural fatigue to take over and help them fall asleep."

Janet K Kennedy, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, New York Sleep Doctor

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