If you are an active iOS subscriber and the content appears as locked on the home screen, please tap on the settings icon on the top right and tap 'Restore Subscription'. This will restore your paid content back to your device.


Is Moshi Twilight made for a specific age?

Moshi Twilight is aimed at kids over 4 years old but it can be enjoyed by any age group. We know it works on babies, toddlers, infants, children, teenagers and even adults!


Why are there no videos or animation?

Looking at mobile devices before sleeping is not recommended due to the lighting on mobile screens. Moshi Twilight’s enchanting audio-only content is designed to be played away from children’s eyes.


Can't I read the story to my child?

The stories and relaxations in the app have been designed and read in a very specific way, with calming narration, sleepy audio effects and soothing background music/sounds that relax kids into a wonderfully restful state.


How often is the content updated?

The content for subscribers is updated on a weekly basis. This could be a story, sound or relaxation. Buster's Daily Diary is also available daily.


How can I listen to Buster's daily diary?

Buster's Daily Diary is a daily short story ideal to listen before bedtime. To carry on to the next day, you need to listen to the current day until the end. 

Buster's Daily Diary is free to listen to for the first 7 days. To carry on after day 7 days, you need to be a subscriber. The book icon in the top corner of the screen indicates how many days of the diary you have not yet listened to.



Can I install Moshi Twilight on any device?

You can install Moshi Twilight app on the following devices:

  • Apple device with Minimum iOS 9.0 or above.

  • Android devices with Android LOLLIPOP (5.0).or above.

  • Kindle Fire OS 5 or above

A limited version of Moshi Twilight  is available on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. (To install Moshi Twilight on Alexa you need to enable the Kids Skills.)


Does this work on Chromecast?

Chromecast is not available right now, but may be added in future updates. Until then, we suggest using Bluetooth so that the device can be removed from little listeners.


Airplay mode?

You can use Airplay to play Moshi Twilight on your Apple TV. When playing the stories, swipe up to show the Settings pop-up of the phone and select the Airplay icon.


Bluetooth Speakers?

To broadcast Moshi Twilight on your Bluetooth speaker, just make sure  Bluetooth is enabled on your device and properly paired with your speakers.


Can I use this offline?

When you first play a story it will be downloaded in the background so that it can be played offline. All downloaded stories are stored on your device depending on its storage capacity.  

You will not be able to download a story if you are already offline.



Content is still locked after subscribing

Please tap on the settings icon on the top left for Android or top right on iOS and tap 'Restore Subscription'. This will restore your paid content back to your device. :)


I bought a sub on my Android phone, will it unlock on my Android tablet?

Subscription purchases are tied to the primary Google account you have set up in the Google Play store when making the purchase. As long as you use the same Google account on all of your devices, the content should unlock. In rare cases it might take up to 24h for the purchase to be applied across all devices.


I have a subscription on an iPhone, can my child use it on an Android device?

Unfortunately, cross platform subscriptions are not possible right now. We will be working on a way for this to be possible in the future.


Family sharing is not working

Unfortunately family sharing is not available for In-app purchases. The best way to share the app with family members, is to login to the other device(s) with the ID details you used to purchase.

Download the app and then you'll have the purchases you have paid for. You will have to use the same ID for all updates. This only works if you are both on the same platform such as IOS/Android.


Can I buy individual stories?

For now, it is not possible to buy individual stories


Is the app free to download?

The app is free to download and contains some free content. However, if you do require further content and new content on a weekly basis, there is the additional option of the subscription service. All new content has been created by us, just for Moshi Twilight so cannot be found anywhere else!